Kathy Petersen-Korth – Specialist Leader of Education

Areas of Expertise:

  • Music
  • Curriculum – planning, whole school, SMSC
  • The Arts, including Arts Awards


Horringer Court Annex, Tollgate Campus, Teacher

Kathy was KS2 leader at Howard Middle prior to its closing in July 2016.  She oversaw the quality of teaching and learning, progress to SATs for maths and English.  Kathy oversaw and directed KS2 intervention to close the gap for disadvantaged pupils and those pupils that were not on target to achieve national expectations.

In addition, Kathy was part of the senior leadership to help oversee the quality of teaching in the school.  Kathy also assisted the county oversight of KS2 writing as a moderator under the new 2015-6 writing expectations.

Kathy`s particular professional interests include:

  • Growth Mindset and the impact upon pupil learning
  • Curriculum development with cross-curricular links
  • Research-based teaching strategies and pedagogy

Her recent projects and achievements include:

  • Implementing Growth Mindset initiatives school-wide with good success
  • Developing science curriculum to directly link to real-world events, findings or personal health/development
  • Developing key links between KS2 to KS3 in maths, English and science

If you feel that Kathy can assist you and your school, we would be delighted to discuss this with you. Please contact us initially by email: admin.connected@barrowcevcprimaryschool.co.uk and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to telephone you.